A crucial objective of the Arts has always been to articulate the unspoken, to challenge our understanding of the environment, and expand our perception of the world around us. In unprecedented times with humankind hitting tipping points of environmental degrading, global warming, mass extinction, and social injustice, there is no doubt this is something urgently needed.

Arts can and should help with a shift of paradigms and in the creation of new economic and social ideas, overcoming the existing systems based on growth, based on conquest and exploitation of humans, animals, and nature, based on taking whatever cannot adequately defend itself.

I stubbornly believe a critical art practice needs to be transformative and not merely modern or contemporary to be relevant to our society. After all, we are about to negotiate the surrender of our way of living and need to give birth to something new.

My works seek to bridge to such ideas of the new, but also not without capturing the beauty, the joy, and the aesthetics to be found in any ephemeral modes of existence, and the ambiguity and paradoxes of life in the 21st century.